We organized a learning expedition to Copenhagen for BOUYGUES Rénovation Privée . The main theme was new trends in workspace design. If you would also like to organize a learning expedition to Copenhagen or Scandinavia, please contact us.

BOUYGUES Rénovation Privée offers comprehensive and tailor-made support for renovation projects in corporate, hospitality, retail and residential real estate, through its know-how, its culture of innovation, the prestige of its references as well as the wealth of its real estate services.

BOUYGUES Rénovation Privée faces, like all construction companies, increasingly stringent financial requirements in renovation or development, and ever greater demands for creativity in working space from users. Today’s entrepreneurs are looking for dynamic environments that are conducive to creativity, concentration and connection.

BOUYGUES Rénovation Privée turned to NORDIC INSITE to organize a ‘learning expedition’, highlighting new trends in workspace layout.

Goals definition

Before organizing this learning expedition, we defined the objectives, asking ourselves exactly what BOUYGUES Rénovation Privée really wanted :

  • Understand new innovations in their market?
  • Involve experts in hot topics?
  • Take inspiration from the Scandinavian managerial style?
  • Identify best practices for promoting quality of life in their business?
  • Optimize the social cohesion of its employees?
  • Redefining a strategic positioning?
  • Finding and setting up new modes of collective operation?

The answers were found through presentations, meetings, participatory workshops (notable thanks to the Danish “Lego Serious Play TM” methodology) as well as during company visits.

Our stakeholders, British American Tobacco (Architect PLH Arkitekter), Nordea (Architect Henning Larsen Architects), and the Soho corporate hotel, presented showcases illustrating the values inherent in the creation of workspaces in Scandinavia, namely:

  • horizontal hierarchy
  • informality in social relations
  • importance of collaborative work
  • the importance of design in everyday life

Our participants had the opportunity to interact with experts and to bring back some good practices in their baggage.

Learning Expedition: experience other practices

A learning expedition is a way of inspiring and triggering changes that would normally happen at a much slower pace. It’s more like a “voyage of discovery”.

For any HR professional, business executive or manager, contributing to the development of an organization while promoting the professional and personal development of employees, is a real challenge requiring constant questioning.

By taking a step back from the models and practices used in your own country, it is possible to see how things are done elsewhere.

Small in size but innovative in many areas, the Scandinavian countries are observed by many countries that want to be inspired. Flexicurity, horizontal management, work / life balance, employment of disabled workers … many topics that we propose to discover and deepen to enrich your knowledge and practices.

This is not team-building, but a decadent seminar.

We do not pretend to provide strategic support to your team, nor to show you the best practices. The Scandinavian countries are what they are: real, pragmatic, always focused on solutions and marked by a managerial culture that can be puzzling for French-speaking people as well as others.

We do not propose team-building as such, but an opening, an exposure to new methods and new professional practices that will complete your incentive stay.

“Discover Scandinavia in a unique, tailor-made way with your personalized study tour. We create a tailor-made program for your learning expedition to Copenhagen or Stockholm, in line with your objectives and your team’s expectations.”

Christine BORDIN, Founder and Director of NORDIC INSITE

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