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Are you a company, group, association, local authority or travel agency? Are you looking for a study trip, a cultural experience or a special event?

We create customized programs to meet your every need. Thanks to our knowledge of numerous service providers, we can design a unique product that is sure to satisfy your needs. Whether you’re planning an event or a trip, we’re here to help.

Our capitals inspire and resonate on the gastronomic, cultural and sustainable scene. They attract both business travelers and the increasingly discerning tourist. Nevertheless, the hotel business remains a complicated subject in cities where demand outstrips supply.

Demand for overnight stays far outstrips supply, resulting in fluctuating hotel rates and very high prices.

To offer your customers hotel rooms at a competitive rate, the date of your event is crucial.

Hotel room rates vary widely, and there is often some confusion about how these rates are determined. If you do a search on the Internet, you’ll find that hotel room rates vary according to the dates you request.

Hotel room rates are higher on weekend days, simply because demand is generally higher than on weekdays.

Avoid convention periods: in high season (July/August), or if the city is organizing a special event or conference, hotels will raise their rates because they know demand will be high at that particular time.

Also, if your travel dates are flexible, you can save money.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury break, a trendy city break or an incentive incentive, the entire NORDIC INSITE team will be delighted to welcome you to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has a plethora of excellent restaurants: Whether you’re looking for Spanish, Italian, American or Chinese cuisine, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

But be warned, if you want to eat locally, you’ll need to plan ahead, because Copenhagen has become the new Mecca of gastronomy!

Two first-place finishes in the world’s top restaurant rankings, Michelin stars galore… Danish haute cuisine, non-existent just two decades ago, is now reaching new heights. So much so, that Danish chefs, along with Swedish and Norwegian chefs, have taken top honors year after year in the Bocuse d’Or, an international competition in which 24 chefs compete creatively.

Noma, with chef-star René Redzepi, and Geranium, helmed by Rasmus Kofoed, took first and second place respectively in the newly published list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, compiled by the British magazine “Restaurant”.

You don’t need to spend €800 on a Michelin-starred dinner to eat well in Copenhagen. All you need is a thorough knowledge of the city and The entire NORDIC INSITE team will be delighted to help you.

We create a customized program for your learning expedition to Copenhagen or Stockholmin line with your objectives and your team’s expectations.

For any human resources professional, company director or manager, contributing to the development of an organization while fostering the professional and personal fulfillment of employees is a real challenge.

The program may include company visits, workshops and expert conferences. Our aim is to help you move forward on your own ideas. What’s more, to consolidate your team and your corporate culture, learning expeditions are also a good time to organize teambuilding activities.

Copenhagen is a city rich in sensations. Beyond the legendary hygge which defines a slightly old-fashioned art of living, clearly oriented towards happiness and the little moments that make it up (cosy atmosphere, comfortable armchairs and a fireplace), this Nordic capital has the wind in its sails. design, culinary scene, cycling infrastructure, green development and responsible behavior.

We are a small agency whose aim is to dust off Denmark as a destination. You’re drawn to Copenhagen because it’s currently resonating on the world stage. contemporary cultural, artistic, culinary… scenewith a wealth of innovative achievements to draw inspiration from? Then ask us to guide you! In addition to classics such as the magnificent Glyptotheque, the Design Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, we also offer hand-crafted tours.

Our guides are specialized, knowledgeable and attentive to the needs and desires of our visitors.

Whether you’re on a cultural, discovery or reward trip, we’ll create tailor-made programs to meet your every need. Thanks to our knowledge of the many local service providers, we’ll be able to design a unique product that’s sure to satisfy you.

Whether it’s a culinary or musical event, on water or land, a photo/video hunt, or a show with dancers and performers, we’ll budget and coordinate everything from decoration to technology!

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Whether you have a well-defined project or a vague desire for a Nordic getaway, we put our knowledge of the terrain at your disposal so that together we can build the experience that suits you best.

On average, we organize around twenty events a year for a wide variety of customers: from conferences to corporate seminars, from learning expeditions to parties, we love variety and enjoy taking on demanding projects.

A network of high-quality partners and contributors

We have a network of professional guides, qualified instructors and top-quality Danish partners to offer you a tailor-made, top-of-the-range experience.

We are committed to providing you with quality service so that you can discover the wonders of Scandinavia in an authentic and personalized way.

Contact us now to plan your learning expedition to Scandinavia.

“Discover Scandinavia in a unique, tailor-made way with your personalized study tour. We create a tailor-made program for your learning expedition to Copenhagen or Stockholm, in line with your objectives and your team’s expectations.”

Christine BORDIN, Founder and Director of NORDIC INSITE

Our latest trips/events in Scandinavia

Seminar/LEX Human Resources

VINCI came to us for their annual HR seminar. This year, the focus is on the employment of seniors and women in management. On the program: visits to model Danish companies, workshops, opening of the seminar by the former Prime Minister: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and evening festivities.

Architecture and Urban Planning Study Tour

Parisian architecture firm Richez_Associés turned to us for its 10th corporate seminar.

This study trip to Copenhagen included technical visits and teambuilding activities. Architecture and urban planning professionals carried out all the visits.


We answer your questions.

Planning a Learning Expedition can be time-consuming, and depends on the complexity of the subject to be studied, the availability of the people involved, budgetary constraints, and so on.

To understand the subject, it’s necessary to conduct a series of interviews with you and the stakeholders in your company, local experts and people with relevant experience in the field of study. This can take several weeks, depending on the number of interviews required.

Then it’s time to prepare a budget estimate for the study tour, including costs for transportation, accommodation, catering, speakers’ fees, translation costs, etc. Preparing a budget offer can take several weeks, depending on the level of detail required.

Once the offer has been accepted, the design process can begin.

It can also take several weeks or even months, depending on the complexity of the subject and the availability of the necessary resources.

On the whole, it’s reasonable to allow between 8 and 10 months to plan a complex study tour, taking into account all the steps required to define the subject, propose a design and prepare a detailed budget offer.

The ideal period depends on the subject under study. It’s clear that a study trip on urban mobility and the use of bicycles in the city is unlikely to take place in February or November, unlike a trip on the integration of seniors in companies. When choosing your period, be sure to check the Danish school calendar, as few teachers will be available. Avoid late June or early July, the summer vacation period. Check with us for dates of major medical congresses that could impact hotel rates.

Denmark’s official currency is the Danish krone (DKK), and Sweden’s official currency is the Swedish krona (SEK). Nowadays, however, it’s increasingly common to use credit or debit cards to make payments in most stores, restaurants and other establishments. Card payments are accepted almost everywhere, even for small amounts. It is therefore entirely possible to do without the use of cash during your stay in Denmark or Sweden.

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