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Discover Scandinavia in a unique, tailor-made way with your personalized study tour. We create a tailor-made program for your learning expedition to Copenhagen or Stockholm, in line with your objectives and your team’s expectations.

We support you from A to Z for a totally personalized, turnkey experience.

We'll take care of everything!

Your turnkey technical and cultural program

Depending on your needs and areas of focus, we’ll work with you to find the right balance between company visits, expert presentations and debriefing workshops. We won’t forget the convivial moments, as team building, incentive activities and festive evenings are ideal occasions to consolidate your teams.

Technical and cultural program

Hotels & Restaurants

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We organized their study trip to Scandinavia

A technical program to match your image

For any human resources professional, company director or manager, contributing to the development of an organization while fostering the professional and personal fulfillment of employees is a real challenge.

Thanks to a team made up of specialists in their field, your study tour will be tailored to your sector of activity and your expectations. Our expertise and local knowledge will be at your disposal.

As an active member of various Chambers of Commerce and professional organizations, we have an extensive network of model-making companies who are happy to open their doors to us and share their expertise.

Our network of contacts will provide you with a wealth of information on industry trends, best practices, innovations and current challenges facing companies in your sector.

To each his own!

Mission-conscious leaders are those who are fully committed to the pursuit of meaningful goals, and who have a deep understanding of the impact of their decisions.

Because you entrust us with your most precious asset: your managers! We work with coaches who prepare and debrief participants before or after the company visits, so that they can compare their own practices with what they have seen and felt during the day.

Whether it’s to introduce the subject of your learning expedition, to explore a particular aspect of the topic under investigation, or to host a networking event, we’ll help you find the expert best suited to your topic.

We have an extensive network of experts as well as facilitators for your most successful conferences and roundtables.

Organize your study trip with NORDIC INSITE

Over the past ten years, we have built up a network of companies and professionals in a number of fields that inspire other European countries (architecture, urban planning, human resources, sustainable development, healthcare, etc.).

Constantly on the lookout for new trends, we work with you to design innovative and inspiring learning expeditions.

We invite you to come and enjoy an immersive and unique experience in Scandinavia, where each activity will be carefully chosen according to your topic of investigation.

Why organize your Learning Expedition in Scandinavia?

“The Scandinavian countries are fascinating and inspiring in a number of areas.
Their relationship with ecology, their management techniques, their economic model, but also their design, architecture and gastronomy. are among the areas that inspire the rest of Europe. Whether you’ve come for a simple reward trip or a convention, it’s impossible when traveling not to come away surprised by local customs. These differences will hopefully prompt you to reflect on your own daily and professional practices, and perhaps adopt new, more sustainable or innovative perspectives and practices.

Christine BORDIN, Founder and Director of NORDIC INSITE

Our latest study trips to Scandinavia

Design & Creativity Study Tour

Chanel’s Artistic & Innovation Department contacted us to organize an inspirational tour of artisans and manufacturers of furniture, objects and artworks that could decadently inspire its designers, while offering environmentally-friendly products and practices.

Horizontal Management Study Tour

We have created a decadence stay for members of APM (Asossication Progrès du Management). Focusing mainly on management practices, we were assisted by Malene Rydahl for a series of conferences on horizontal management and awareness-raising workshops.


We tell you more about organizing a learning expedition in Copenhagen.

A learning expedition is an immersive learning experience that allows your group to discover new subjects, immerse themselves in a different environment and meet experts or practitioners in their field of interest.

For a learning expedition to be successful, it’s important that it’s well planned and meets clear objectives in terms of expected results. We’ll define these objectives together, during a series of interviews, before the design phase. Ideally, participants should be adequately prepared to make the most of the experience.

A learning expedition is successful when the right balance is struck between the different components, according to your priorities: varied and stimulating learning activities, relevant site visits, meetings with experts who fuel joint reflection, not forgetting practical workshops, brainstorming and sharing sessions.

A good learning expedition also offers opportunities for networking and collaboration between participants.

Finally, a successful learning expedition must be evaluated at the end to measure the results achieved and identify opportunities for improvement for future expeditions.

The Scandinavian countries are inspiring in many areas: their relationship with ecology, their managerial techniques, their economic model, architecture, sustainable development, digital innovation and so on. Over the last ten years, we’ve built up a wide range of learning expeditions, and we look forward to reviewing your learning expedition brief!

Planning a Learning Expedition can be time-consuming, and depends on the complexity of the subject to be studied, the availability of the people involved, budgetary constraints, and so on.

To understand the subject, it’s necessary to conduct a series of interviews with you and the stakeholders in your company, local experts and people with relevant experience in the field of study. This can take several weeks, depending on the number of interviews required.

Then it’s time to prepare a budget estimate for the study tour, including costs for transportation, accommodation, catering, speakers’ fees, translation costs, etc. Preparing a budget offer can take several weeks, depending on the level of detail required.

Once the offer has been accepted, the design process can begin.

It can also take several weeks or even months, depending on the complexity of the subject and the availability of the necessary resources.

On the whole, it’s reasonable to allow between 8 and 10 months to plan a complex study tour, taking into account all the steps required to define the subject, propose a design and prepare a detailed budget offer.

The ideal period depends on the subject under study. It’s clear that a study trip on urban mobility and the use of bicycles in the city is unlikely to take place in February or November, unlike a trip on the integration of seniors in companies. When choosing your period, be sure to check the Danish school calendar, as few teachers will be available. Avoid late June or early July, the summer vacation period. Check with us for dates of major medical congresses that could impact hotel rates.

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