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We advise travel agencies as an incoming agency in Copenhagen and Stockholm.


For 30 years, Voyageurs du Monde has been building a world totally dedicated to tailor-made individual travel. For couples, families, and friends, as part of a cultural discovery on or off the beaten track, your trip is thought through and organized with a specialist in the destination.

Innovative for 5 years, a true discoverer and trendsetter, NORDIC INSITE advises Voyageurs du Monde on Nordic destinations.

Knowing the countries and areas requested by our client perfectly, NORDIC INSITE offers itineraries that makes travelling with Voyageurs du Monde (Travellers of the World) a unique experience.

The development of the itinerary is the most important step in the preparation of a trip. A good itinerary is the backbone of any successful trip. When travelling, a well-prepared itinerary is a guarantee that things go according to plan. It provides a reassurance that frees the mind of logistical issues and ensures the client can focus on their moments of discovery. It is the indispensable tool that allows us to dive into the unknown, managing all the challenges.

eyond hotel inspections, special agreements with restaurants or special visits with local personalities, we always strive to be up-to-date on the latest trends in literature, fashion, contemporary art, architecture or gastronomy and to find rare gems for our client.

We also help to create original and high-quality content for the Travel Diary of our visitors. We help editors and content creators to check the accuracy of travel information (transport time-tables, opening hours in restaurants …).

NORDIC INSITE in partnership with Visitdenmark, Visitcopenhagen, Visitsweden and Visitstockholm, establishes with you the best strategy for the development and promotion of Nordic and Scandinavian destinations according to your customer segment.

Our expertise at your service:

  • Development and promotion of destinations Denmark and Sweden
  • Organization of Educational tours

Are you a tourism agency looking to add Denmark or Sweden to your catalog of destinations? Consult us beforehand to assess the relevance of your strategy to your type of customer. We’re the receptive agency in Copenhagen and Stockholm for you!

Work with us to develop customized offers for your customers.

“Discover Scandinavia in a unique, tailor-made way with your personalized study tour. We create a tailor-made program for your learning expedition to Copenhagen or Stockholm, in line with your objectives and your team’s expectations.”

Christine BORDIN, Founder and Director of NORDIC INSITE

Your event and tourism agency in Copenhagen

We specialize in creating andorganizing events, stays, experiences and learning expeditions in Copenhagen and the rest of Scandinavia.

We put a network of quality professionals and service providers at your disposal. Find out more about our French-speaking private guided tours.

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